And the journey begins…

Strathcona Park

Welcome to my new blog. I invite you to come along with me as I experience nature, embark on journeys and explore cultures – mine, yours, anybody’s.

I am a lover of the outdoors, an amateur bushcrafter, enthusiastic canoeist, a Scout leader, nature meditator and a concerned naturalist. I’m also a visual artist. I draw (less than I should). I capture images with my DSLR both for my work as a newspaper editor and as a chronicler of my travels. I record video as a way of sharing my world and what I experience.

I love exploring my community, neighbouring communities and communities further afield. I’m based on Vancouver Island, which exists on the western edge of the Canadian province of British Columbia. We like to joke that we live on an island in the Pacific. But there are no palm trees here. It’s Douglas fir, western red cedar, alder, arbutus and a myriad other species native to the rain forest of North America’s Pacific Northwest. My travels take me all over western North America primarily but occasionally I’ll go beyond it.

I also love music – making it and listening to it. I particularly love roots music and all its forms, however you might define them – Blues, Folk, Celtic, World, Rock and Roll. And more.

And I love food. Too much. My tastes aren’t particularly high end  but they are wide-ranging. I particularly like making food in the wilderness.

Oh, and I dabble in the Medieval arts as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, so you might find the occasional writings on that endeavour.

So, as you can see, I’m all over the map but why stay in one place?



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